Product FAQ’s

Q: What is Enhance?
Enhance is a portable water enhancer which lets you add flavour to your water, anytime, anywhere. It is pocket sized which makes it ideal for keeping in places such as desk drawers and bags or for taking with you wherever you are going.

Q: So how do I use Enhance?
Pop open the spill proof cap, squeeze some Enhance into your water and enjoy – it really is that simple. But remember, a little goes a long way with Enhance, so we recommend that you only add a little at a time until you work out what strength is just right for you.

Q: Are there more flavours on the way?
Absolutely, our first four flavours are just the beginning and we are already busy developing new ones to add to our range. If you have a preference, send us a note here and let us know which flavour you would like to see next.

Q: Are Enhance bottles recyclable?
We are very concerned about our carbon footprint and have worked hard to make sure we recycle materials wherever possible. As a result nearly all of an Enhance bottle can be recycled including the sleeve, bottle and cap. Only the valve can’t be recycled currently but we are working hard to change that!

Q: I have a shop and would love to stock Enhance, tell me how
Great, get in touch with our sales team here and let’s get started!

Health FAQ’s

Q: Can I drink Enhance straight from the bottle?
No way Jose! Enhance is super concentrated so you always need to dilute it before drinking. Remember a little goes a long way.

Q: How long can I keep a bottle of Enhance for?
A bottle of Enhance will keep fresh in a sealed bottle for up to 12 months after it is made (but check the ‘best before date’ on the base of the bottle). Once you have opened your bottle of Enhance we recommend that you use it within a month.

Ingredients FAQ’s

Q: What is in Enhance?
Having great ingredients in our drink is really important to us at Enhance. So we use real fruit juice and natural flavourings and colourings throughout our range. We also decided early on that we didn’t want a drink that was full of sugar (there are way too many of those already), so we use sucralose to sweeten our drinks.

Q: Do you add any artificial flavours or colours to Enhance?
Absolutely not! There are no fake colours or fake flavours in our drinks.


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