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 Think delicious
 Think refreshing
 Think convenient
Say hello to your new main squeeze!
They said it couldn’t be done, yet here we are. Small, fabulous and packed with natural flavour, Enhance is your own portable water enhancer that you can use anywhere, anytime. Just add a quick squeeze to instantly transform a glass of dull old water into a refreshing, fruity drink.

Good things really do come in small packages
Did we mention Enhance is portable? It fits into desk drawers, handbags, sports bags, even pockets so you can use it whenever the mood takes you. And our great spill proof valve makes sure it only comes out when you want it to!

Naturally delicious
Made with real fruit juice and without a hint of artificial colours or flavours, Enhance tastes great, even if we do say so ourselves. And at just 1 calorie a drink, you can have as much as you like without feeling guilty!